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Welcome to your new home!

Do you need any maintenance items addressed at your home? Please click on the “Maintenance Request” tab under Tenants to submit this request via email directly to our maintenance department.

Relocation Services

We provide relocation services and resources for moving, buying, renting, and selling a home. We can also provide data on Schools, the Bend area economy, recreation opportunities, and utility information. We will help you however we can with your move.

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What if I want to add a roommate to my lease after I move in?

Any new occupant would need to fill out an application and have that application approved by the owner BEFORE moving in to the property.  Please be aware that the applicant screening guidelines apply to all tenants, and an owner may deny a roommate application.

What if I want to get a pet after I have moved in?

If the home you are renting will consider pets, please go to our website under the “Tenants” tab, and click on “Tenant Forms”.  Please fill out the Pet Application and return to our office.  If the pet is approved by the owner, the additional deposit has been paid, and the pet addendum has been signed, the pet will then be allowed on the property.  Please be aware that the property owner may deny a pet.

What if I need to move out before my lease ends?

You can move out of the property at anytime by giving our office a signed 30 day notice, and by paying rent and utilities through the end of that notice.  However, if your lease ending date is after the end of  your 30 day notice, you will be subject to an additional lease buy out fee.  This fee is typically equal to 1 and 1/2 months rent, but please refer to your lease agreement for the specific amount.

If I am moving out, am I required to allow showings of the property to prospective tenants?

Yes.  Please refer to your lease agreement for specifics, but you are required to allow reasonable access to the home with proper notice for the purpose of finding a new tenant.  Please keep in mind that for most of you, this was how you were able to see the home you now rent prior to your move in.  Our office will call you to arrange showings at reasonable times.

If I need to extend my 30 day notice or cancel my move out, what should I do?

Please contact our office and we can email or fax you the appropriate form for this request.  However, if a new tenant has already been procured for the property, we may not be able to accommodate your request.